Where do you get your material? 

All of our waxed canvas and leather are sourced from US mills and tanneries. We work with a US company to source all of our denim. Most of our denim is american-made, but we do work with a few Japanese and Turkish denims. 

How should I wash my apron?

Denim aprons should be washed like your favorite pair of jeans: wash cold, hang dry, iron as needed. Waxed canvas aprons should never be washed! Simply spot clean with a stiff brush, mild detergent, and warm water. 

Do you make everything?

Yes, we make almost everything in house and by in-house we mean our tiny 250 sq ft studio. If we receive a large apron order, we will contract work out to another husband + wife team just across town from us. It took many years to find good production help and we are happy to say that they take the same great care as we do. We still check everything before shipping out to be certain no detail was overlooked. 

How long have you been in business?

Proudly since 2010! Restaurant aprons were introduced in 2016. 

Where are all the bags? do you still make them? 

We recently updated our site to focus more on aprons and knife rolls, but we still love to make bags! We will be adding more bags to the site soon, so give us a follow on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date. @valentichgoods

do you have a store front? 

Not yet, but we love to have visitors at our studio. Please email us to set up an appointment.